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Poster prize for Karol Brzezinski

02 maart 2016

Karol Brzezinski, postdoc in the Medical Physics Group at KVI-CART, has won the poster prize at the ICTR-PHE conference in Geneve (15 -19 February 2016) with his poster “Increasing PET scanner resolution using a Silicon detector probe”

A high-resolution silicon detector probe, in coincidence with a conventional PET scanner, is expected to provide images of higher spatial resolution than those achievable using the scanner alone, due to the finer pixelisation of the probe detector. A PET-probe prototype is being developed utilizing this principle. The system includes a probe consisting of ten layers of silicon detectors, each a 80×52 array of 1×1×1 mm 3pixels, to be operated in coincidence with a modern clinical PET scanner.

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