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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation TechnologyAgenda


Wanneer:wo 22-06-2011 om 09:00
Waar:Conferentiezaal KVI


 9:00   Mariet Hofstee

           Status AGOR

9:20    Rob Kremers

           Status AGOR beam time

9:30    Hans Wilschut

           Overview of current experiments in the TRIμP programme

9:50    Mayerlin Nunez Portela

           Radium atomic parity violation: laser cooling of trapped Ra ions

10:20  Oscar Versolato

           Radiofrequency measurement of the 62D3/2 state hyperfine structure of

           trapped 213Ra+ ions

10:40  Coffee break

11:10  Hans Wilschut

           The beta-decay parameters of 39Ca

11:30  Tomohiro Hayamizu

           Alternative method for Francium production and extraction

11:50  Gavin Lotay

           Study of the 26mAl(d,p)27Al* transfer reaction in inverse kinematics:

           implications for the strengths of key astrophysical resonances in the

           26mAl(p,γ)27Si reaction

12:10  Sytze Brandenburg

           Dosimetry standard for scanned beam protontherapy

12:30  Lunch

13:30  Emiel van der Graaf

           Precision dose delivery in proton therapy

13:50  Fine Fiedler

           Experiments for real time in-vivo dosimetry for ion therapy

14:10  Victor Bom

           Real time Bragg peak position monitoring with slit camera

14:30  Peter van Luijk – T16

           Radiation damage to parallel organized organs after high-precision proton


14:50  Peter van Luijk – T27

           Radiobiological effectiveness of ion irradiation in particle-based


15:15  Closed PAC session

For questions or information, contact Peter Dendooven (, +31 50 363 3615/3600).

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