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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation Technology Events

Seminar: Suzan Basegmez Du Pree, Research unit Astroparticle Physics, KVI-CART, Groningen

When:We 07-11-2018 13:00 - 14:00
Where:Large conference room KVI-CART

Title: Indirect Searches for Dark Matter with Cosmic Rays


One of the biggest mysteries in modern science is the nature of Dark Matter, which makes up 85% of the matter in the Universe but cannot currently be explained by particle physics. Although large efforts have been made, experiments on Earth aiming to directly detect Dark Matter particles have failed to catch any of their signatures. An alternative way of identification, indirectly, employs the detection of cosmic particles that are produced by the interactions of Dark Matter in the Universe.

The AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) experiment onboard ISS (International Space Station) has measured precisely charged particles, reporting excesses of positrons and antiprotons from space which form tantalizing hints for the presence of Dark Matter. Interactions of Dark Matter particles could produce counterpart neutrino signals which can be detected by large underwater detectors, such as the km3-scale KM3NeT, a new-generation neutrino telescope currently being constructed in the deep Mediterranean Sea. After a short introduction to indirect detection techniques, I will present Dark Matter searches of AMS experiment with the latest preliminary results and their interpretations. I will discuss the KM3NeT neutrino telescope and its potential contribution to future Dark Matter searches.