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KVI - Center for Advanced Radiation TechnologyAgenda

Physics colloquium: Prof. Ilya Usoskin, Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory (Oulu unit) and Dept. of Physics, University of Oulu, Finland

When:Mo 03-04-2017 at 13:00
Where:Energy Academy Europe Building, Nijenborgh 6, room 5159.0010

Title: An assessment of extreme solar particle storms using cosmogenic isotopes in natural archives


The modern technological society is vulnerable to space radiation risks, in particular strong solar particle storms. We have a record of such events for the last 60 years, but it is crucially important to know what could be a worst-case scenario for such a storm, we can expect from the Sun. Astronomical observations suggest that superflares may occur on sun-like stars, being many orders of magnitude greater than observed solar flares. Can we expect something like that on the Sun?

Some answers can be obtained using a record of cosmogenic radioisotopes stored in natural terrestrial archives, in particular radiocarbon 14C.