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Deficits, Distress, and Disorders

Would you like to gain a better understanding of human distress, psychopathological disorders, and brain disorders and deficits?

Within the domain Deficits, Distress, and Disorders, we combine insights from clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, developmental psychology, and psychometrics, rendering a uniquely multidisciplinary approach. We address associations between brain and behaviour, but the programme also incorporates an experimental approach with a focus on understanding the causal mechanisms underlying the onset and maintenance of disorders. Moreover, knowledge of transdiagnostic (dysfunctional) cognitive, emotional, and behavioural processes is combined with insight in specific disorders and symptoms and the effects on everyday functioning. You will gain knowledge and tools to conduct fundamental research as well as more applied research on assessment and diagnosis and improving interventions in healthcare. Students also have the opportunity to train in advanced diagnostic and other clinical skills to qualify for a postdoctoral training programme.

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