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About usFaculty of Behavioural and Social SciencesPsychologyAcademic Development and Skills


Attema, S.M., MSc
Ballato, dr. L. (Laura)Lecturer/Coach/Coordinator (Internationalization & Honours Master programme)Teaching, Internationalization, Coaching, Research
Banis, dr. H.M. (Stella)Teacher / coördinator
Bärthel, G.A. (Gwennis), MScTeacher / Research assistant
Benning, F.L.M. (Francie), MScLecturerTalent Development
Positive Psychology
Bijma, S.I. (Ilinka)
Boels, S.E. (Scholte), BScLecturerTalent Development
Bucur, R.E. (Roxana ), MScLecturer & PhD candidate
Dalley, dr. S.E.docent My research focuses on the social psychological nature of male and female body dissatisfaction, as well as how such dissatisfaction can evoke unhealthy dieting and exercise behaviours.
Dammers, drs. A.M.M. (Sandra)
Dolderer, S. (Selena)LecturerMy background is in the field of Industrial- and Organisational psychology, while mainly focusing on the emotional and attitudinal differences between employees of the for-profit and non-profit sector, diversity management, change management as well as coaching and training for young professionals. Outside of my university-related activities, I am involved in evidence-based projects related to social change and social integration in Groningen.
Donofrio, dr. S.M. (Stacey)LecturerMy background is in medical psychology, with a research focus on psychosocial oncology and burnout. Current interests include student adjustment and development, skills training, and internationalization.
Downer, T.J., MScTeacherEnvironmental Psychology
Drpljanin, L., BSc
Eggert, L., MSc
Elbert, dr. S.P. (Sarah)postdoctoral researcher / teacher Health, socioeconomic status (SES), socioeconomic inequalities, persuasion, behavior change, health communication, voice characteristics, tailoring, mode of communication, message framing
Greijdanus, dr. H.J.E. (Hedy)Lecturer / researcher Social psychology, online (group) behaviour, social cognition, group processes, intergroup conflict, communication, shared reality, multilevel, quantitave and qualitative research.
Gützkow, B. (Ben), MScPhD candidate, LecturerCognitive style, motivation, motivated reasoning
Havik, dr. E.M. (Else)
Hornstra, R., MSc
Jelijs, L.H. (Bart), MScPhD candidate
Johnson, prof. dr. A. (Addie)Full ProfessorSkill acquisition and training
Klavina, dr. L. (Liga)LecturerMy research focuses on intergroup processes (prejudice, discrimination, inclusion and diversity) and interpersonal processes (attraction and jealousy).  Ongoing interests include solidarity and collective action; intercultural competence, academic development, student well-being and inclusion, and sex ratio in groups/teams.
Kuppens, dr. T. (Toon)Assistant professorSocial class, group-based emotions, intergroup processes
Meerholz, E.W., MScTeacher
Mourik Broekman, dr. A. van
Mul, R.A. (Ruben)TeacherEnvironmental Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Ethics
Nijenkamp, R. (Rob), MScTeacher/ResearcherDecision Making & Education
Oosterwijk, T.A. (Tamara), MScTeacher
Steyvers, dr. F.J.J.M. (Frank)Lecturer Applied performance theory and cognitive ergonomics, esp. navigation, orientation and traffic behaviour
Vogel, J.C. (Jasper), MScTeaching staff
Wiradhany, W. (Wisnu), MA
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