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Interactions between individuals, society, and the environment

Interactions between individuals, society, and the environment
Interactions between individuals, society, and the environment

How do individuals and groups respond to large changes in society, such as climate change, globalization, mass migration, diversity, inclusion, and ageing populations? What are effective ways to motivate people to contribute to a sustainable society?

This research theme entails studies examining the impact of acute societal and environmental problems.

For example, how are group relationships and conflicts affected by properties of groups and the involved individuals, as well as by social, cultural, and contextual factors? In addition, the effects of these properties and factors on people’s pro-social and pro-environmental behaviour, and acceptability of sustainable policies is studied.

The focus of research lies on people’s values, their emotions, stereotypes, self-identity, group identity, and social comparisons.

All these phenomena underlie people’s preferences and behaviour and they can be the key for designing sustainable societal change. Importantly, we examine how they influence individual and group behaviour and how society and environment are influenced by individuals and groups.

Another important aim is to understand how prevalence rates of mental disorders might be influenced by socio-cultural contexts, such as cultural perceptions of mental health and the role of the pharmaceutical industry in shaping these.

Involved research units: Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology, Developmental Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Psychometrics and Statistics, Social Psychology, Theory and History of Psychology.

Involved master tracks: Applied Social Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Reflecting on Psychology, Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology, Research master Behavioural and Social Sciences (domain: Sustainability in a Changing Society).

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