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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Psychology Themes

Human development, health, and well-being across the life span


How do our feelings, thoughts and behaviours develop over the course of a lifetime? And how do our genes and experiences interact in these processes?

This theme focuses on individual developmental processes, their causes, and their consequences. Most of our research questions concern changes in somatic and mental health: Do lifespan changes influence how people reason about health or happiness? How do our feelings influence future behaviour? How do lifespan developments affect people in the workplace? Can work be organized so that all age groups can flourish?

Psychological development takes place in interaction with many contextual influences such as: (childhood) trauma, stressful experiences including injury or violence, and adaptation to visual disorders caused by diseases of the nervous system. Our research aims to identify vulnerability factors and personal strengths in order to facilitate human development and healthy ageing.

Our researchers conduct both empirical and theoretical studies. Our use of sophisticated mathematical approaches and of computer simulations, including driving simulators, enable us to account for the flexibility of human behaviour and development.

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