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Aim of the summer school

The aim of the summer school is to provide PhD students in environmental psychology the opportunity to receive instructions and supervision from senior environmental psychologists, and to meet and discuss their work with fellow-participants in the summer school. Participants will get a chance to establish network of contacts throughout the world.


The summer school provides an educational opportunity to learn about theory, methodology, and research designs in environmental psychology. Also, communication and presentational skills can be trained. The summer school focuses on writing research proposals that address real-life problems. Practitioners will first present some problems they face. Next, participants will draft research proposals to address these problems, in which the theoretical basis, the methodology and research designs followed, the innovative value, and the theoretical and practical implications of the research are spelled out. These research proposals will be presented to and discussed with fellow-participants in a final plenary session.


Research proposals will be drafted in workshops, in groups of about 12 participants. The workshops are supervised by senior environmental psychologists whose own research specialisation falls within the theme of the particular workshop. This implies that teaching is higly interactive. P articipants will be encouraged to design and develop collaborative research projects that continue afterwards.


The summer school provides a unique chance to work with junior and senior environmental psychologists from around the world.

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