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Assess implementations in the frame of the Cities-of-Tomorrow Programme

Social Psychology

The main objective of ASI was to provide knowledge about the practice of life quality assessment by dif-ferent disciplines in connection with different types of public measures in the area of town planning and design, transportation and mobility. The project was funded by the European Commission, FP5, and conducted by a team of researchers from Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Main project

This project is part of project "Acceptability of policy, technology and system changes".

Researchers and partners

Behavioural and Social Sciences, Psychology
  • Judith de Groot, Social Psychology
  • Linda Steg, Social Psychology
Partners outside of the University of Groningen
  • Factum
  • VTI
  • CDV


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Successful grant proposals and other achievements
  • EU FP5

University's focus areas

  • Energy
  • Sustainable Society
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