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Understanding environmental behaviour

Social Psychology

In this research, we study individual and contextual factors influencing environmental behaviour

Sub projects

  • User behaviour and mobility patterns in the context of major societal trends
  • BeijIng Groningen Smart energy cities (BIGS)
  • Symbolic and affective motives for car use
  • Barriers for energy changes among end consumers and households - BARENERGY
  • Governance, Infrastructure, Lifestyle Dynamics and Energy Demand: European post-carbon communities - GILDED
  • Psychological aspects of future electricity supplly
  • The feasibility and impact of the transition to electric mobility in the Randstad
  • Electric vehicles: early stage adoption processes
  • MApping the contextual Conditions of REsilient Decentralized Energy Systems - MACREDES
  • Low carbon at work
  • Smart grid - profitable for all
  • Realizing the smart grid: aligning consumer behaviour with technological opportunities
  • Individual and contextual factors influencing recycling

Researchers and partners

Behavioural and Social Sciences, Psychology
  • Linda Steg, Social Psychology
  • Environmental Psychology Group, Social Psychology


Courses connected to this project
  • Master Environmental Psychology
  • Social Environment and Behaviour
  • Consumer and Economic Psychology
  • Social Influence
  • Bachelor theses
  • Master theses

University's focus areas

  • Energy
  • Sustainable Society
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