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Inclusion in diverse groups

Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology

Especially in times of increasing diversity, it is not a given that people feel safely included in their social group. What is it that makes people feel they belong to and are allowed to be themselves within a certain group? And how do minority and majority members differ herein? In a bigger project on cultural diversity in organization can be best managed, togehter with collaborators I already tackled these questions. Building on this evidence, further research is ongoing, extending to different contexts (such as sports) and different types of diversity (such as gender diversity, diversity in sexiual orientation, age diversity.

Researchers and partners

BBehavioural and Social Sciences, Psychology
Behavioural and Socials Sciences, outside of Psychology
Partners outside of the University of Groningen
  • Wiebren S. Jansen, University of Utrecht
  • Karen van der Zee, Free University Amsterdam


Selection of BA and MA student projects
  • motivation and personality of volunteers helping refugees
  • Is all-inclusive multiculturalism the most accepted diversity ideology for both minority and majority members?


  • Otten, S., Van der Zee, K.I., & Brewer, M.B. (Eds.) (2015), Towards inclusive organizations: Determinants of successful diversity management at work. (pp. 67-86). New York: Psychology Press.
  • Jansen, W. S., Otten, S., Van der Zee, K. I., & Jans, L. (2014). Inclusion: Conceptualization and measurement. European Journal of Social Psychology, 44(4), 370-385. doi: 10.1002/ejsp.2011
  • Meeussen, L., Otten, S., & Phalet, K. (2014). Managing diversity: How leaders' multiculturalism and colorblindness affect work group functioning. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 17, 629-644. DOI: 10.1177/1368430214525809
Successful grant proposals and other achievements
  • For four years, I was project leader of a large research project financed by "Instituut GAK", focusing on "Does diversity work? Integration and social trust at the culturally diverse workplace."

University's focus areas

  • Sustainable Society
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