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A social-psychological perspective on aging and age identity

Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology

'Most people want to GET old, but few want to BE old ...'. This caputures in a nutshell that aging people try to avoid as long as possible to self-categorize as being old. With both qualitative and quantitative methods, I want to investigate how older people can develop a positive age identity, and whether such identity may be advantegeous for happy and sustainable aging.

Researchers and partners

Behavioural and Social Sciences, Psychology


Selection of BA and MA student projects
  • a qualitative study on age identity and the experience of aging.
  • Priming a positive perspective on aging and the effects on age group identification; self-anchoring and self-stereotyping as moderators of age-group identification


  • so far only unpublished research reports and oral presentations

University's focus areas

  • Healthy Ageing
  • Sustainable Society

More information

  • S. Otten (2016). Oud en ziek zijn niet hetzelfde. in: A. Peetom (Ed.) Anders oud 2030. Groningen: Zorg Innovatie Forum
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