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prof. dr. D.H. van Rijn
First name:Hedderik

prof. dr. E.G. (Elkan) AkyürekProfessorCognitive and perceptual neuroscience

Please see for more information.
A. (Ahmet) AltinokPhD student
G. BaltaPhD student
dr. B. (Berry) van den Berg, PhD
drs. E.W.T. (Emmy) van de BurgtPhD student
Y. (Ivory) ChenPhD student
T. (Tom) Doesburg, MScSoftware ontwikkelaariOS, Android, (Mobile) Web Applications
dr. S. (Sara) FabbriAssistant ProfessorTopic: reaching, swiping, object perception and manipulation
Methods: behavioral, Virtual Reality (VR), and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) studies
B.E. (Tineke) de Haan, MScPhD Candidate
dr. J. (Jacob) JolijAssistant professor, theoretical and philosophical psychology consciousness, parapsychology, experimental philosophy and metaphysics, open science, research technology and methods
J. (Joost) de Jong, MSc Topics:
- Timing and Time Perception
- Working Memory 

- Statistical Modelling
- Psychophysics
- Computational Modelling of Neural Processes
prof. dr. R. (Ritske) de JongFull Professor
G. (Güven) KandemirCognitive Neurosciences, Behavioral Sciences
A. (Aytaç) Karabay, PhD
N.S. Klein, MSc
dr. W. Kruijne
prof. dr. M.M. (Monicque) LoristFull ProfessorCognitive Neuroscience
Dynamics of the Healthy Brain
H. (Hao) Lou, MAPhD student
S.C. Maaß, PhD MSc
dr. S. (Sebastiaan) MathotAssistant Professor
W.R. (Robbert) van der Mijn, MScPhd. StudentTime Perception
dr. M.R. (Mark) Nieuwensteinassistant professor
dr. K.S. (Karin) PilzAssociate ProfessorVisual perception, aging, motion, biological motion, face and object recognition, attention, fMRI, EEG
prof. dr. D.H. (Hedderik) van RijnProfessor, Chair of Experimental Psychology Cognitive Science & Neuroscience

See for a more extensive overview.

Topics: Temporal Cognition; Cognitive Science; Interval Timing; Optimalization of Learning; Adaptive Learning. 

Methods: comptuational modeling; mathematical modeling; experimentation; EEG; fMRI; MEG; eyetracking; pupil dilation
J.M. (Josh) Salet, MScPhD candidate Topic
Implicit Timing: the Foreperiod, Memory & Learning, and Real World Interval Timing.

Computational Modeling & Psychophysics
dr. A. (Anastasios) SarampalisLecturer Auditory Perception and Cognition
Auditory Prostheses and Hearing Aids
Speech Perception
H.S. (Erik) Schoppen, MScPhD Candidate/ResearcherTrust, Sustainable Behaviour, Social Neuroscience, Online Research, Branding, Leadership
F. (Florian) Sense, PhDPost-doctoral researcherFor more information, please see my website:
M.A. (Maarten) van der Velde, MScPhD student
dr. P.H. (Pieter) de VriesAssistant ProfessorModels of cognitive and neural processes, self-organisation, computer simulation
S. WangPhD student
J. (Junjie) Wei, MScPhD student
X. (Cherie) ZhouPhD student

Guest researcher

Name Telephone E-mail
Riemer, dr. M. (Martin) +31 50 36 32761 m.riemer

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