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Environmental behaviour at work

Social Psychology

In this main project we study which factors influence (pro-) environmental behaviour at work. Although behaving pro-environmentally (at home or at work) generally implies a conflict between immediate gratification or financial gain and doing what is good for the environment in the long-term, many people act pro-environmentally at home because they care about the environment, and feel good when they act pro-environmentally. The question remains whether they are also willing to do so at work, and what would motivate people to incur some personal costs to benefit the environment at work. Another important question is how characteristics of the organizational context influence pro-environmental behaviour at work. In this main project we use experiments and surveys to study to what extent and how individual factors (i.e., people’s values) and contextual factors (e.g., signs of corporate environmental responsibility r social norms) make people focus on benefiting the environment and as such engage in pro-environmental behaviour at work.

Researchers and partners

Behavioural and Social Sciences, Psychology


Selection of BA and MA student projects
  • What motivates pro-environmental behavior in the organizational context?
  • Pro-environmental behaviour at work


  • Ruepert, A. M., Keizer, K., Steg, L., Maricchiolo, F., Carrus, G., Dumitru, A., . . . Moza, D. (2016). Environmental considerations in the organizational context: A pathway to pro-environmental behaviour at work. Energy Research and Social Science, 17, 59-70. doi:10.1016/j.erss.2016.04.004
  • Ruepert, A. M., Steg, L., & Keizer, K. (2015). Theoretical basis for organizational pro-environmental research. In J. Barling, & J. Robertson (Eds.), The psychology of green organizations (pp. 33-57). New York: Oxford University Press.

University's focus areas

  • Energy
  • Sustainable Society
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