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prof. dr. O.M.J. (Otto) AdangProfessor by special appointment Security and Collective Behaviour On 1 April 2016, Otto Adang became Professor by Special Appointment of Security and Collective Behaviour at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. Adang has held the chair in Public Order Management at the Police Academy of the Netherlands since 2004. The University chair is being funded by the Police Academy for a period of at least five years. Public security is an ongoing concern for governments, police and many other organizations. Over the past few years, Europe has seen an upsurge in serious riots and civil disorder. The Netherlands is also at risk of large-scale disturbances to public order, which could seriously disrupt society and compromise public security. Knowledge is vital to ensure that we can prevent, or when necessary respond to, this kind of collective behaviour. The aim of the special chair is to contribute to new theories, research, teaching and valorization of knowledge about the mechanisms that play a role in collective behaviour, and which enhance or detract from the security of situations during interaction between government and citizens, whereby theory and practice are closely intertwined. In the past few years, Adang has built up a body of unique knowledge on collective behaviour in relation to security. The Police Academy, which is keen to expand this knowledge and link it to academic information, sees this special chair as a golden opportunity. Dr Otto M.J. Adang (1956) is a behavioural scientist. He has held a chair in Public Order Management at the Police Academy of the Netherlands since 2004. Adang is interested in aggression, reconciliation and collective behaviour in relation to public order enforcement. Since 1998, he has also headed a research programme he set up himself entitled Managing Dangerous Conflict Situations, which focuses on the interaction between police and citizens. Adang was a member of the Project X Haren committee.
M. (Maximilian) AgostiniPhD studentmotivational psychology, goal failure, pro-social behavior, anti-social behavior, compensatory behavior, psychological needs, intergroup behavior
K. AlbadaPhD student
I. Aristegui, BPhD student
C.M.E. BeersPhD student
dr. B. (Berry) van den Berg, PhD
dr. A.M. (Anne Marthe) van der BlesPostdoctoral ResearcherSocietal discontent; communication of uncertainty around facts, numbers, and science
M.B. (Martijn) Blikmans, MScPhD student
drs. M.M. Boendermaker
dr. T.M. (Thecla) BrakelResearcher/TeacherDevelopment, implementation and evaluation of automatic knowledge systems, social comparison (sensitivity), tailoring, psychosocial oncology, quality of life, subjective health.
prof. dr. A.P. (Bram) BuunkHonorary Professor
prof. dr. A. (Arie) DijkstraFull professor Health Psychology; Addictions; Behavior change and modification
W. (Wendy) Dorrestijn, MScPhD studentPolicing, Performance under pressure, Tactical Decisionmaking under Stress, High Risk Operations, Use of Force, Training Use of Force, Reality Based Training
dr. K. (Kai) EpstudeAssociate professorCounterfactual thoughts; emotions; social judgment
A.L. (Ana) Figueiredo LealPhD Student
S.V. Franco VelazquezPhD student
F.C. (Frank) Gootjes, MScPhD student
prof. dr. E.H. (Ernestine) GordijnFull professor stereotyping, prejudice, emotions, intergroup conflict
dr. N. (Nina) Hansenassociate professor Social and cultural change in developing nations, intergroup relations, responses to social discrimination
L.C. (Luzia) Heu, MSc
H.B. (Babet) Kanis, MScPhD CandidateBabet Kanis is o.l.v. Katherine Stroebe en Tom Postmes werkzaam binnen het project Gronings Perspectief (, een onderzoek naar de sociaal-psychologische gevolgen van aardbevingen op de Groninger.
dr. Y. (Yasin) KocAssistant Professor
dr. N. (Namkje) KoudenburgAssociate ProfessorGroup processes and communication. Polarisation, social change, micro-dynamics of conversation
drs. E.W.S. (Esther) NevenPhD student
prof. dr. S. (Sabine) OttenProfessor of Intergroup Relations and Social Integration diversity, intergroup relations, social integration, social identity
S. Panerati, M
C.N. (Catia) Pinto Teixeira, PhDPost-doctoral researcher
C.N. (Catia) Pinto Teixeira, PhDPost-doctoral researcher
drs. J.F. (Jan) PlatPhD student
prof. dr. T.T. (Tom) PostmesFull Professor, Social Psychology Tom Postmes studies human behavior in in virtual groups and communities, in crowds and also in organizations and "normal" teams. Central to a lot of his work is the influence of personal and social identity: the relation of the individual to the group. Together with his colleagues, Tom Postmes seeks to understand how social social interaction fosters the emergence and change of group norms, personal identity and social identity.  He received various  research awards for his work from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO), the Economic and Social Research Council (UK) and National Science Foundation (USA) .
J.E.F. (Justin) Richardson, MScPHD ResearcherMy (Phd) research focusses on social relations (e.g. social capital, group identity) and how they influence health and wellbeing. I study these proceses in the context of a larger (applied) project "Gronings Perpectief", in which we study the social impact of the earthquakes in Groningen.
G.D.G.L. (Galaxy) Rokadji, MScPhD studentCommunication rules regarding support seeking because of illness.
My PhD research focusses on the verbal, vocal and expressive communication regarding support seeking by people who are ill, and how this effects the relationship between support seekers and providers.
C.A. (Carla) RoosPhD student
A.K. Saikumar Jayalatha, MSc
prof. dr. R. (Russell) SpearsFull Professor
prof. dr. E.J.W. StroebeVisiting Professor
dr. K.E. (Katherine) StroebeAssociate professor prejudice and discrimination, justice perceptions and cultural worldviews (in intergroup relations), collective action/inaction, earthquakes (see
G.M. (Gonneke) TonPhD student
dr. S. (Susie) WangPostdoctoral Researcher
prof. dr. M. (Martijn) van ZomerenProfessor (adjunct) Social Relationships, Culture, Social Change, Collective Action, Protest, Emotion, Morality, Efficacy, Identity, Political Psychology
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