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prof. dr. E.M. Steg
First name:Linda

A. (Audra) Balunde, MScPhD student
T. (Thijs) Bouman, PhDLecturer and research (Assistant Professor)Environmental psychology, group processes, human values, social identity.

Teaching: Coordinator Economic and Consumer Psychology (Bachelor, year 3), supervisor Bachelor's and Master's theses.

Research interests: I am interested in personal and group factors driving individuals’ responses to global crises, in particular climate change. One research line I am currently working on focuses on the influence of personal and (perceived) group values on individuals’ pro-environmental engagement, and how interventions could target such values to promote pro-environmental action. For this, I collaborate with various partners in the field, such as nature organizations (e.g., WWF, Alliance for Nature, Groninger Landschap), zoos (Dutch Association of Zoos) and schools. Currently, I am also exploring the role of values in responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Another research line I am working on focuses on the interaction between individuals and (automated) energy technologies. How do individuals use and interact with energy technologies, what are individuals’ attitudes toward such technologies, and – importantly – how can technologies empower and engage individuals to actively participate in sustainable transitions?

PhD (co-)supervision: Lu Liu (ongoing), Steph Johnson Zawadzki (ongoing), Nieke Lemmen (ongoing), Mark Verschoor (ongoing), Wang Xiao (ongoing, joint program with Fudan University)
N. (Nadja) Contzen, PhDPostdoctoral researcher Social-cognitive factors of behaviour change; Public health promotions; Acceptability of innovations; Social dilemma and cooperation
R. (Robert) Goersch, BscPh.D student
dr. J.I.M. de GrootResearcher in the area of sustainable behaviour change and consumer behaviour.
C. (Crystel) Hajjar, MAPhD candidateEnvironmnetal ethics, climate ethics, energy justice, applied philosophy, climate engineering
dr. L. (Lise) JansAssistant Professor Group processes, Social identity, Diversity, Bottom-up initiative, Sustainability
S.L. (Steph) Johnson-ZawadzkiPhD Student Environmental Psychology: Pro-environmental behavior and political contexts, happiness and wellbeing, climate change beliefs // Science communication & data vizualization // Public speaking & public outreach
M.A.T. (Maddie) Judge, PhDPostdoctoral researcher
dr. K.E. (Kees) KeizerAssistant professor
N.H. (Nieke) Lemmen, MScPhD student
L. (Lu) Liu, MScPublic participation; trust; decision making; perceived procedural fairness; acceptability of renewable energy projects.Cross-cultural study.
V. Lozano Nasi, MAClimate change adaptation 
Psychological resilience 
G. (Gabriel) Muinos Trujillo, PhDAssistant professorEnvironmnetal and social psychology
Environmnetal beliefs, frugality, climate change adaptation, teaching innovation.
G.F. (Gonzalo) Palomo Vélez, PhDPostdoctoral Researcher My two primary research interests focus on the study of the evolutionary psychology of sustainable behavior, and on the study of public evaluations of energy from a value-based approach (see the project: Responsible decision-making on gas)
dr. G. (Goda) PerlaviciuteAssociate professor Environmental psychologyMy key research interests lie in public evaluations and acceptability of energy sources, systems and policies, and which factors influence these evaluations and acceptability judgements. I focus on theory development and applying theory in addressing acute environmental and energy problems.
C.R. (Christopher) van Rugge, MScPhD Candidate Group Norms, Intrinsic Motivation and Sustainable Energy Consumption
PhD Disciplines: Social and Environmental Psychology
dr. I. Schubert
E.J. (Elliot) Sharpe, MScPhD StudentRelationships between energy-saving behaviour and support for energy policy.
prof. dr. E.M. (Linda) StegProfessor Environmental psychology; understanding environmental behaviour including energy use and car use; acceptability and effectiveness of environmental policy; sustainable energy transition; cllimate change; values; intrinsic motivation
M. (Margriet) StelProcesmanager SMiLES(EU) Collaborative research projects
A.M. (Anne) van ValkengoedPhD studentClimate change adaptation by individuals and households.
M. (Mark) Verschoor, MScPhD Student
prof. dr. C.A.J. Vlek
L. (Leonie) Vrieling, MSc.Environmental Psychology
dr. E. (Ellen) van der Werff, PhDAssociate professor Social Psychology
F.L. (Frederik) WermserPhD Candidate
N. (Nadja) Zeiske, MScPhD student
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