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prof. dr. P.J. de Jong
First name:Peter

dr. M.T. (Martin) Appelo
dr. E.C. (Elise) Bennik
prof. dr. C.L.H. BocktingAssociate Professor Depressive disorder, psychological interventions, relapse prevention, chronicity, etiology, internet therapy, anti depressants, adherence to medication
drs. N. (Nienke) Boersma
dr. C. (Charmaine) BorgResearcher and Lecturer Clinical Psychology, Experimental
Clinical Psycho Sexologist
prof. dr. T.K. (Theo) BoumanAssociate professor Head of the postmaster health care psychologist training programme, PPO Groningen; Health care psychologist; supervisor cognitive behavior therapy;
M.Y. (Marjel) Buiter, MSc
dr. S. (Stynke) CasteleinProfessor of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness
prof. dr. J.K. (Judith) DanielsAssociate ProfessorDiagnosis and Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders
S.F.W. (Sanne) van Doornik, MScPromovendus
J.J. Douma, MSc
M.C. (Maarten) Eisma, PhDAssistant ProfessorProlonged grief disorder; emotion regulation; repetitive thought (worry, rumination); approach and avoidance processes; internet-based cognitive-behavioral therapy
F. Fereidooni, MA
M. (Minita) Franzen, MScPhD Candidate
dr. M.I. Frey
dr. J. (Coby) GerlsmaAssistant professorforensic psychology
dr. K.A. (Klaske) GlashouwerResearcher / TeacherEating disorders, anorexia nervosa, implicit cognition, body image, experimental psychopathology, clinical psychology

dr. ing. M.M. (Martine) GoedendorpPost-docMy expertise lies in the field of psychosocial intervention research that improve health in broad sense. Healthy aging not only involves prevention and curing diseases. People aging successfully are individuals who have the ability to adapt and self manage in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges. The  Self-Management of Well-being interventions have demonstrated to be effective, and I’m currently working on projects to make this intervention more widely available and suitable for a larger group of older individuals. I have a background in social and health psychology and received my PhD in 2011 in the field of cognitive behavioral interventions for cancer-related fatigue. As a postdoc I broadened my expertise to fatigue in other illnesses, such as type 1 diabetes mellitus, kidney transplant recipients and chronic fatigue syndrome. More recently, I'm focusing on the possibility of e-health psychosocial interventions for cancer patients.
F.M. ter HeegePhD student
J. Heitmann, MSc
prof. dr. B.J. (Barbara) van den Hoofdakker
dr. W.J.P.J. (Wiljo) van HoutAssistant ProfessorAnxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), comorbidity (in autism spectrum disorders), cognitive behavioral therapy, assessment, treatment outcome, process research, intensive exposure programs
dr. R.J.C. (Rafaele) Huntjensassociate professorThe main focus in my work is on cognitive-behavioural processes in trauma-related disorders (dissociative disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder).
drs. E.R. de Jongcoordinator of internships psychology(clinical) internships
prof. dr. P.J. (Peter) de JongProfessor of Experimental Psychopathology Cognitive biases and implicit cognition across mental disorders
(Expectancies, attention, memory, reasoning, implicit associations,…)

Disgust and disgust-based mechanisms in psychopathology
(Sexual problems, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, …)

Blushing and social anxiety

Some recent publications:

-Implicit and explicit self-esteem in the recurrence of depression and anxiety: A three-year follow-up study.

-Dirt-road to anxiety disorders and fearful preoccupations

-Effect of differential disgust conditioning and subsequent extinction versus counterconditioning procedures on women’s sexual responses to erotic stimuli.

-Sexual Aversion

-Disgust as the motor behind food restriction in anorexia nervosa.

-Disgust and symptoms of PTSD: Implications for treatment.

-Effectiveness of attentional bias modification for substance use disorder symptoms in adults: a systematic review

-Psychological significance of the blush
dr. N.C. (Nienke) JonkerPostdoctoral researcherAnorexia Nervosa
Attentional bias
Reward & punishment sensitivity
dr. J. KarstenAssistant ProfessorForensic psychology
B.E.A.M. Kooiman, MSc
M. (Marike) LancelExpert in slaapgeneeskunde
T.A. de Lang, MSc
dr. L.I.M. (Lonneke) LenferinkPostdoc researcherGrief; posttraumatic stress; traumatic loss; latent class analysis; systematic review; multilevel analysis; qualitative data analysis
dr. M.J.J. (Miriam) LommenAssistant professorFear conditioning, trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders. 
My research focuses on individual differences that make one vulnerable to develop pathological anxiety or trauma-related disorders, and on understanding pathogenic mechanisms involved to ultimately (further) develop and test (new) interventions to treat psychopathology.
I. (Irina) Masselman, MSc
Y.L. Mertens, MSc
T. Mijnster, MScPhD student
prof. dr. M.H. (Maaike) NautaProfessor (adjunct)anxiety disorders and depression in children and adolescents, test anxiety, effective interventions for youth and parents, cognitive behavioural therapy, behavioural parent training, intergenerational transmission of anxiety and depression, preventie, online interventions
R.A.M. (Renate) Neimeijer, MScresearcher/ teacherEating disorders, anorexia nervosa, implicit cognition, experimental psychopathology, clinical psychology, avoidant and restrictive food intake disorder, ARFID
dr. I.J.M. Niesten
dr. B.D. (Brian) OstafinAddiction; awe; implicit measures of attention and association; meaning in life; mindfulness
L.K.M. (Lana) OttoPhD student
I. (Inka) PapenfussPhD studentanxiety
intolerance of uncertainty
L. Reitsma
dr. M. (Marije) aan het RotAssociate Professor Psychology, Neurosciences
M.M.T. Schallig, BSc
drs. A.N. Scholte-StalenhoefPhD student
L.J. Seidel, MSc
dr. A.M. (Anoek) Sluiter-OerlemansAssistant Professorneurodevelopmental disorders (autism, ADHD); childhood and adolescent mental health; infants; parenthood; longitudinal data analysis
P. (Paula) von SpreckelsenPhD student(Self-)Disgust
Body Image 
Eating Disorders
Autobiographical Memory
prof. dr. M.S. Stroebe
M.R. (Marjolein) Thunnissen, MScPhD Student Clinical psychology and experimental psychopathology
H. (Haris) TüterPhD student
dr. J.P. (Ineke) WesselUHD Experimentele PsychopathologieAutobiographical / Episodic memory, intrusive memories, trauma, psychopathology, forensic psychology
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