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Iris Busschers

Rethinking Missionary Lives: Collective biography, missionary memory, and historiography in the context of Dutch Calvinist Missions to Papua and East Java, c. 1900—1949

In this PhD project I analyse lives of missionary workers who were active on North-West Papua and East Java for the Dutch Calvinist Samenwerkende Zendingscorporaties between c. 1900 and 1949. Particular attention is paid to the interplay between the lived experience of workers at their mission site and the memorialisation, narration and monitoring of missionary lives in the Netherlands. The project sheds light on the circularity of missionary identity narratives, by portraying how individual biography, missionary memory, and mission historiography are intrinsically related to each other. Furthermore, by highlighting the influences of intersectionality, or in other words race, class, gender, generation, family, etcetera the project traces practices of inclusion and exclusion in the missionary community then and now. Moreover, by offering a deep contextualisation of mission in the circumstances in Dutch colonial Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the transnational missionary community, the project argues that Dutch Calvinist mission and the individual workers it comprised were often not the isolated actors historiography so often suggests.

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