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Student for a Day

When:Mo 02-03-2020 10:00 - 16:00
Where:Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Oude Boteringestraat 38, Groningen

Are you considering studying Theology or Religious Studies? And would you like to get a good representation of what that means? Come visit us at Student for a Day on March 2nd.

On this day you will attend different lectures to find out what to expect during our programmes. You will experience what the content of the programme is, but you will also get an impression of life at the faculty. Faculty community Gerardus van der Leeuw will host an activity to have some fun for example. Of course there is plenty of time to ask all your questions to teachers and students throughout the day.


March 2nd 2020

Theology and Religious Studies

Time Activity Place
10:00 Welcome with coffee and/or tea hall
10:25 Opening by dean prof. dr. Mladen Popović zittingzaal
10:30 Ethics and the Secular – prof. dr.Todd Weir zittingzaal
11:15 Break, coffee/tea             hall

Keuze uit één van de twee werkcolleges:

Hebrew (Dutch)– dr. Wolter Rose                                                              
(Theologie) (+ assignment)          

Rituals in Theory and Practice– dr. Brenda Mathijssen                                  

(Religious Studies) (+ assignment)

room 117

room 130  

12:15 Lunch hall
13.00   Pubquiz faculty community Gerardus van der Leeuw hall

One out of two optional lectures:

Praktische Theologie (Dutch) – prof. dr. Henk de Roest                        
(Theology with PThU-track)        

Psychology and Sociology of Religion – dr. Julia Martínez-Ariño
(Religious studies)

room 123

room 125

14:30 Break, coffee/tea hall
14:45 Islam: History, Sources and Practices – dr.Clare Wilde


15:30 Time for questions regarding the programmes zittingzaal
15.45 Matching

room 28/30

Description lectures

The first and last lecture are examples of courses that are taught within both Theology and Religious Studies. Next to these lectures, you will attend lectures of courses that are Theology or Religious Studies-only. In this way, you will get a representation of the different topics that are addressed throughout the programmes.

Ethics and the Secular (ENG) by prof. dr. Todd Weir

One of the main arguments for teaching religion in schools is that without religion children will not learn right from wrong, they will lack an ethical orientation. Is this true? Can one found a firm moral code in a purely secular society? Or does belief in God offer the only sure way to oppose actions justified by the motto: might makes right? In this lecture, we will consider various answers to these questions from modern European history. Be prepared to discuss.

Hebrew by dr. Wolter Rose

This lecture will be in Dutch

Rituals in Theory and Practice (ENG) by dr. Brenda Mathijssen

Rituals, creativity and resilience

Rituals are fascinating phenomena for religious studies scholars. They challenge our definitions and categories, and allow us to explore the incredible range of human creativity and resilience. In this lecture we will discuss definitions of ritual and look at a wide variety of contemporary practices to explore why humans perform rituals in the first place. Have humans always performed rituals? What about animals? What is ritual? Is ritual central to religion? And if religion can contain rituals, can rituals contain religion?

Praktische Theologie by prof. dr. Henk de Roest

This lecture will be in Dutch

Islam: History, Sources and Practices (ENG) by dr. Clare Wilde

Reading the Qur'ān

Is Arabic or faith more important in reading the Qur'ān? This class will provide a brief overview of the contents and structure of the Qur'ān. Students will be introduced to different narratives that are found in the Qur'ān, and to various ways of reading them. These readings will cover both traditional Islamic narratives about the Qur'ān, as well as some classical and modern criticisms of these approaches.

Psychology and Sociology of Religion (ENG) by dr. Julia Martínez-Ariño

Gods that create humans or humans that create gods? Studying religion from a social scientific perspective

This lecture will provide a general introduction to the study of religion from a social scientific perspective. Drawing on the question of the title, the lecturer will offer some insights into the questions that sociologists and psychologists ask when they study religion. The session will also introduce students to one of the key concepts in the social scientific study of religion, namely that of “lived religion”. Drawing on empirical examples from research, this class will show that religion, in its multiplicity of expressions, is a complex and changing phenomenon that requires a multidisciplinary approach.


Faculty Theology and Religious Studies
Oude Boteringestraat 38
9712 GK Groningen


Monday, March 2nd, 2020
From 10:00 until (at the latest) 17:00.


To find out whether studying Religious Studies or Theology suits you.


Faculty: 050 363 8017

Charissa Caron (coordinator communication and information): 050 363 5597
Dik Kootstra (bachelor information): 050 363 5531
Jorrit Haarman, Student-Assistent, 0657240862

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