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Dead Sea Scrolls Meeting Groningen-Leuven-Helsinki-Göttingen at the Qumran Institute

Wanneer:ma 14-10-2013
Waar:Drents Museum Assen & Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Prophecy, Transmission, Fortschreibung and Rewriting in Sectarian and Non-Sectarian Contexts

The meeting being of an informal nature with presentations by students, junior and senior scholars, we are unfortunately not able to compensate for any costs. However, we will gladly assist you in preparing your travel to Groningen and suggesting accommodation. For any questions concerning the programme, registration, travel or accommodation, please contact m.popovic

Please register before 7 October with m.popovic


Monday 14 October, Drents Museum, Assen, Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition

9.00 Opening

9.15 Hanne von Weissenberg (Helsinki), Is Scripture Sacred at Qumran?

10.00 Jacques van Ruiten (Groningen), The Impact of Deuteronomy 7 and Related Texts in Early Jewish Literature

10.45  Katri Antin (Helsinki), 'That the Simple May Understand?' Composing Hodayot Psalms as Prophecy

11.15 Jeremy Penner (Leuven), History Remembered in the Words of the Luminaries and the Damascus Document

12.00 Lunchtime

13.30 Bernice Brijan (Groningen), Creative scribe, prophetic interpreter, and inspired sage: Exploring the 'Voice of the Teacher'

14.00 Jelle Verburg (Groningen), Greek in Judaea: The Use of Greek in the Texts from the Judaean Desert

14.30 Mladen Popovic (Groningen), When Urban and Rural Culture Meet: Copying, Writing and Rewriting Texts near the Dead Sea and Beyond

15.00 visit the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition made by the Qumran Institute, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Drents Museum

17.00 Travel to Groningen

Tuesday, 15 October, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Groningen

9.00 Ingo Kottsieper (Göttingen), seminar: Do you really understand what you read? The importance of re-evaluating linguistic sources in the light of new texts

10.00 Reinhard Kratz and Annette Steudel (Göttingen), Techniques of Rewriting in the Dead Sea Scrolls

10.45 Break

11.15 Arjen Bakker (Leuven), The purpose and function of the hierarchical system in the Serekh ha-Yahad

11.45 Charlotte Hempel (Birmingham), Religious Worldviews in the Serekh Tradition

12.30 Lunchtime

14.00 Jutta Jokiranta (Helsinki), seminar: Cognitive Perspectives to Covenant Renewal Ritual of the Community Rule

15.00 Eibert Tigchelaar (Leuven), Three Piety Scrolls Texts

15.45 Shani Tzoref (Göttingen), Reading 4Q175 as a 'proto-Petihta' on the Leadership Pericope of Deuteronomy 17-18