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The Sacred Image

ECTS: 7.5

This course unit introduces the study of visual art in religious history and practice through the lens of iconography, function and use. Tou will learn to identify and analyze both the religious subjects of images and their differing and at times competing intended functions of a wide range of religious visual art across religions and time periods. Examples are primarily drawn from Judaism and Christianity, but specialist lectures will be offered in aspects of Buddhist and Islamic visual art. After an introduction to theoretical and methodological issues at stake in the analysis of the subject matter, the functions and uses of religious images, the course unit is organized into five units which focus on five dominant uses of religious art: teaching with images; images and the promotion of ideas; cult images and images and meditation; sacred ornamentation. It concludes with an examination of the destruction and de-sacralization of religious art motivated both by internal religious concerns and by forces external to the religious group. During the excursions the attention is focused on some superb examples of religious art. Presentations are done in loco.

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