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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Timetabling

Contact and support

Timetables Faculty of Science and Engineering
Head of the D-TEAM Drs. N.I.C. (Niels) Rambags
Email: timetable.fse

Bernoulliborg, room 0042
Ms. G.R. (Trudy) Veldhuis (coordinator Timetablers)
B.C.P.F. (Peter) Litmaath, MSc
Ms. R. (Ramona) Brugge
Ms. A. (Anje) Norden
Data-analysis and BI-portal

Ms. E.M.J. (Elly) Jannink
Dr. G.J. (Grietje) Sulter

Nestor, digital testing and video
Email: nestor.fse

Ms. E.M.J. (Elly) Jannink

Ocasys Ms. G.C. (Ginger) Werink-Ongering and ProgressWWW Ms. G.C. (Ginger) Werink-Ongering
Dr. G.J. (Grietje) Sulter
Blue (course evaluations) Ms. H.R.T. (Henriëtte) Kruizinga
Email: bsa.fse
Dr. G.J. (Grietje) Sulter
Ms. E.M.J. (Elly) Jannink
Email: matching.beta

Mr. Drs. M.D. (Dore) van Hoorn (Coordinator)
S.J. (Sandra) Langendijk, MA
S.T. (Bas) Teunissen, MA (Trainee)

Early Warning Signals Drs. L. (Lydian) Medema (Coordinator)
P. (Paula) Mollema, MSc

Reception and ADL contact information

Reception Bernoulliborg 050 363 6868
Reception Linnaeusborg 050 363 2021
Reception Nijenborgh 050 363 4133
Room reservations ADL (/zaalreserveringen UMCG) not accessible by phone

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