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Timetables Faculty of Science and Engineering

D-TEAM (Data - Timetabling, Education systems And Matching)


Bernoulliborg, room 0042

Merel van Rees Vellinga (Coördinator Schedulers)

Trudy Veldhuis
Peter Litmaath

Rudi Zwier
Ramona Brugge

Data-analysis and BI-portal

Grietje Sulter

Elly Jannink

Rudy Moddemeijer

Nestor, digital testing and video

Elly Jannink
Rudy Moddemeijer

Nestortool masterprojects

Ramona Brugge
Henriëtte Kruizinga


Ginger Werink-Ongering
Rudy Moddemeijer and ProgressWWW

Ginger Werink-Ongering
Grietje Sulter


Grietje Sulter

Rudy Moddemeijer


Lydian Medema(Coördinator)
Joke Tattje
Pauline Veenstra

Other relevant contact information:

Reception Bernoulliborg 050 363 6868
Reception Linnaeusborg 050 363 2021
Reception Nijenborgh 050 363 4133
Room reservations ADL (/zaalreserveringen UMCG) not accessible by phone

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