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What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemistry on a large scale

Chemical engineering can be thought of as chemistry on a large scale. Rather than studying reactions in a lab, you’re involved in thinking about chemical processes in factories or helping to develop new products.

Choose Groningen and you can’t go wrong

At the University of Groningen you can study chemistry as well as chemical engineering. There are many links between the two. It’s very likely that you don’t yet know which specialization to choose, which is why you won’t have to decide until the second year. And it’s even relatively easy to switch later on. If you want to study both, you can do that too! You can’t go wrong!


Biodiesel. Biodiesel is a good thing, but much of it is produced from food crops – at the expense of food production. We are looking for alternatives, for example recycled cooking oil, or oil from non-food crops.

About the degree programme:



Study duration:

3 years


Bachelor of Science

Advising, control or management

As a chemical engineer you will have good career opportunities. Most graduates find employment in advisory and management positions, usually in the business sector.

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