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Staff ESC

Academic Advisors

Degree programme Academic Advisor(s)
BSc Applied Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
BSc Applied Physics Rianne Gringhuis
BSc Artificial Intelligence Jennifer Smit-Hobbs / Diandian Guo
BSc Astronomy Wendy Hof
BSc Biology Anna Henkel / Karin Weel
Bsc Biomedical Engineering Elke Noens
BSc Chemical Engineering Geartsje Zondervan / Laura Comprido
BSc Chemistry Geartsje Zondervan / Laura Comprido
BSc Computing Science Nikolai Klitzing
BSc Industrial Engineering & Management Jorrit Waslander
BSc Life Science & Technology Karin Weel / Anna Henkel
BSc Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
BSc Pharmacy Lisette Klein / Mirjan van Timmeren
BSc Physics Rianne Gringhuis
MSc Applied Physics Rianne Gringhuis
MSc Applied Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
MSc Artificial Intelligence Diandian Guo
MSc Astronomy Wendy Hof
MSc Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences Lisette Klein
MSc Biology Maartje Giesbers
MSc Biomedical Sciences Elke Noens
MSc Biomedical Engineering Elke Noens
MSc Biomolecular Sciences Maartje Giesbers
MSc Chemical Engineering Laura Comprido
MSc Chemistry Geartsje Zondervan
MSc Computing Science Nikolai Klitzing
MSc Ecology & Evolution Maartje Giesbers
MSc Educatie & Communicatie Wendy Hof
MSc Energy & Environmental Sciences Nikolai Klitzing
MSc Farmacie Lisette Klein / Mirjan van Timmeren
MSc Human-Machine Communication Diandian Guo
MSc Industrial Engineering & Management Jorrit Waslander
MSc Marine Biology Maartje Giesbers
MSc Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
MSc. Mechanical Engineering Geartsje Zondervan
MSc Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences Elke Noens
MSc Nanoscience Geartsje Zondervan
MSc Physics Rianne Gringhuis


E-mail: timetable.fse

Bernoulliborg, room 0042
Merel van Rees Vellinga (Coördinator Timetablers)
Trudy Veldhuis
Peter Litmaath
Rudi Zwier
Ramona Brugge
Data-analysis and BI-portal

Elly Jannink
Grietje Sulter

Nestor, digital testing and video

Elly Jannink

Nestortool masterprojects Ramona Brugge
Henriëtte Kruizinga
Ocasys Ginger Werink-Ongering and ProgressWWW Ginger Werink-Ongering
Grietje Sulter
BSA-contact Grietje Sulter
Elly Jannink
Matching and EWS

Lydian Medema (Coördinator)
Paula Mollema
Annemarie Oskam (Trainee)

Honours College

Deputy Programme Director E. Pallante
Degree Programme Coordinator (ESC) H.J. van der Strate
Academic Advisor (ESC) T.A. Middelburg
Staff member Student Affairs (ESC) A.C. van Kimmenaede

Honours College FSE office
Office closed on Wednesday
Office location: 5161.0046 (Bernoulliborg)
Click here to make an appointment
Visit the Honours College FSE student portal

International Office

The opening hours of our International Office desk are:

Monday 10.30-12.00

Tuesday 13.00-15.00

Wednesday 10.30-12.00

Thursday 10.30-12.00

At the desk, located at the Education Support Desk, you can ask questions and get signatures on your paperwork.

It is also possible to make an appointment for more information about your exchange. Please report to the desk for your appointment.

You can make an appointment for 10 mintues. Please do not make more than one appointment!

Staff members:

Coordinator drs. H. (Henriëtte) Mulder
International relations Officer A. (Arlette) van Berkel, MSc
Assistants International Office M.J. (Martine) Roukema / A.A. (Annouck) van Zutphen


Please click on a staff member's name for their phone number

Bernoulliborg, room 5161.0143, Nijenborgh 9, 9747 AG Groningen

Management Team

Head ESC Loes (A.) Schaafsma
Head Education Processes Niels (N.I.C.) Rambags
Team leader Education Support Desk /- Administration Office Natasja (N.) Snijders-Vroegop Rieks
Team leader Secretarial Support Anke (A.G.M.) van Ommen
Head Academic Advisors Karin(C.)Mast

Secretarial support: Carla (G.M.C.) de Vries

Student Administration Office

Programme Coordinators

Artificial Intelligence / Human Machine Communication Arnoud (A.) van der Meulen
Astronomy Niels (N.) Bos
Behavioural & Cognitive Neurosciences Eva (E.) Teuling
Biologie (bachelor) / Life Science & Technology

Floor (F.) Kuiper

Biology (master) / Ecology & Evolution / Marine Biology / Biomolecular Sciences Glenda Vasse
Biomedical Engineering Irma (I.C.) Knevel
Biomedical Sciences / Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ammerens (A.) Kohl-Menage

Chemistry / Chemical Engineering Corry (C.A.M.) Bijlsma
Computing Science

Nienke (N.) Meulman/M.J.Roze-Busstra (zwangerschapsvervanging tot 01.01.2020)

Educatie en Communicatie Eva (E.) Teuling
Energy & Environmental Sciences Karin (K.) de Jonge
Industrial Engineering & Management Femke (F.) Reijnen
Mathematics / Applied Mathematics Nathalie (N.) Horsting
Mechanical Engineering Renske (R.V.) Vonk
Nanoscience Karin (K.) de Jonge
Pharmacy Lidia (L.) Boneschansker-Westers
Physics / Applied Physics Niels (N.) Bos

Formal Secretaries

Computing Science, Chemistry , Chemical Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Management/Mechanical Engineering
Pauline Veenstra
Biology Jet Grolleman
Physics, Applied Physics/ Biomedical Engineering Linda Strijdveen


Coordinator Anke (A.G.M.V.) van Ommen
General Carla (G.M.C.) de vries
Digital Course Evaluation Henriëtte (H.R.T.) Kruizinga
Secretaries in training Esther van Kammen

Degree Programmes:

Artificial Intelligence / Human Machine Communication Simona (S.) Boelens-Kapoglo
Astronomy Astrid (A.H.J.) van der Born / Laura (L.) Weinans /Steffany (S.) Weerts
Behavioural & Cognitive Neurosciences Wanda (W.) de Jonge
Biologie / Life Science & Technology Judith (J.J.) Venema / Natasha (N.). Kremer

Biology / Ecology & Evolution / Marine Biology / Biomolecular Sciences Jellemieke (J.G.) Ekens
Biomedical Engineering Miranda (M.E.) van der Molen
Biomedical Sciences /Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences Hester (H.H.E.) Bathoorn
Chemistry / Chemical Engineering Monique (M.) Bueving
Computing Science Petra (H.P.) Holkema
Educatie en Communicatie Wanda (W.) de Jonge

Energy & Environmental Sciences

Coretta (C. )Udema - Rieks
Industrial Engineering & Management Leonie (L.) Tiben
Mathematics / Applied Mathematics I.T.M. (Inez) Wasser
Mechanical Engineering Natascha (N.) Robert - de Hoog
Nanoscience Coretta (C.) Udema - Rieks
Pharmacy Janine (J.) Buitendijk
Physics / Applied Physics

Astrid (A.H.J.) van der Born / Laura (L.) Weinans / Steffany(S.)Weerts

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