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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering New Building: Feringa Building

Why a new building?


Construction of Nijenborgh 4 began in 1965. It consists of several large building blocks which are connected by long walkways.

Many of the installations and building components are now approaching the end of their technical lifespan and the building no longer meets today’s high standards. After several incidents the University decided to take measures. The University was faced with the choice between substantially renovating Nijenborgh 4 or replacing it with a new building. After thorough research (cost/benefit analysis) the decision was taken to build a new modern building for Nijenborgh 4, in two phases.
After the Bernoulliborg and Linnaeusborg buildings, this will be the third new building for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. In March 2014 the University decided to name the new building Feringa Building .

History of the building

Architect Fledderus finalized the design for the old building in 1965. The new complex comprised four blocks of five storeys which were linked to each other by long walkways. Each block had an extension on the ground floor to the east, with in the middle a patio. Workspaces and laboratories were located around this patio. The opening of the building was in 1969.

(source: Nationaal Architectuurinstituut)


Feringa Building | New building for FSE

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