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Science attitudes of high school students

Only a minority of high school students choose science studies when they enroll in academic programmes. Many attempts have been made to influence students' attitudes towards science and science careers. In this research line we investigate the effect of outreach programmes of climate research institutes on students' ideas on science and scientists. This line is part of Carboschools+, funded by the EU (FP7).


Elma Dijkstra, Martin Goedhart

Key publications:

Dijkstra, E.M., & Goedhart, M.J. (2011). Evaluation of Authentic Science Projects on Climate Change in Secondary Schools. A Focus on Gender Differences. Research in Science & Technological Education 29(2), 131-146.

Dijkstra, E. M., & Goedhart, M. J. (2012). Development and validation of the ACSI: measuring students’ science attitudes, pro-environmental behaviour, climate change attitudes and knowledge. Environmental Education Research, 18(6), 733-749.

Full list of publications

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