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7. Financial matters

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Pre-master and fast-track programme fee
Master degree programme fee
Student finance

Pre-Master and fast-track programme fee

The fees for a pre-Master’s programme depend on its student workload. The special pre-Master’s programme fee is calculated pro rata on the basis of the statutory tuition fees. In practice this means that a 15 or 30 ECTS programme will cost you approximately € 500 or 1000 respectively. The most up-to-date fees are published online by the UG.

Unlike statutory tuition fees, which are due per month during which you are registered, pre-Master’s programmes charge a fixed amount per ECTS credit. If you follow a one-semester pre-Master’s programme (30 ECTS) but you take longer than one semester to complete it (for example because you have to take a resit in the spring), you will not have to pay anything extra. You will have limited rights to reimbursement if you prematurely terminate your pre-Master’s programme. Please note: you must complete your pre-Master’s or fast-track Bachelor’s programme within one academic year (i.e. using no more than two exam opportunities) in order to qualify for admission to the Master’s degree programme.

If you are following a fast-track programme, you will not have to pay extra for the course units that you follow at the UG in addition to the tuition fees that you are already paying for your University of Applied Sciences degree programme.

Master degree programme fee

Once you have successfully completed the pre-Master’s programme and satisfied the English language requirement, you can register for your preferred Master’s degree programme. From the moment that you start following the Master’s degree programme, you will most probably qualify for payment of statutory tuition fees, just like most other Master’s students. You will be paying fees for the number of months during which you are registered for the Master’s degree programme. This means that you will pay a certain amount per month for your Master’s degree programme (1/12th of the annual statutory tuition fees). Example: if you complete your 30 ECTS pre-Master’s programme in late January, you can start the Master’s degree programme on 1 February. This means you will have paid about € 1000 for the pre-Master’s programme, and from 1 February to 31 August (7 months) you will pay 7/12th of the annual statutory tuition fees in total.

All information published by the UG about the costs of a Master’s degree programme can be found via this link.

Student finance

During your pre-Master’s and Master’s programmes you will most probably qualify for student finance in the form of a loan, which you will have to repay later. More information about student finance and the student travel product can be found via DUO.

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