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Admission with FSE degree


The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) of the University of Groningen (UG) offers a wide range of Master’s degree programmes for students who have a relevant FSE Bachelor’s degree. Below, you will find some basic information about our Master’s degree programmes and how to qualify for them. In addition, the navigation menu provides access to additional information, such as the application and registration procedures and a contact form to file a question or request more information. We will be happy to help you!

Selective and non-selective MSc. degree programmes

FSE offers both selective and non-selective Master’s degree programmes. The Admissions Boards for non-selective Master’s degree programmes will mainly assess your request for admission in terms of the knowledge you acquired during your prior degree: does this dovetail sufficiently with the Master’s degree programme? The Admissions Boards for selective Master’s degree programmes will also focus on other aspects, such as your list of marks, motivation letter and letters of recommendation that you include with your request for admission. The exact criteria vary for each selective degree programme.

Non-selective MSc. degree programmes

To follow a non-selective Master’s degree programme, you simply need to satisfy the standard admission requirement, i.e. have a relevant FSE Bachelor’s degree certificate. Most Master’s degree programmes follow on logically from a Bachelor’s degree programme – for example, the Bachelor’s degree programme in Chemistry dovetails with the Master’s degree programme in Chemistry; the Bachelor’s degree programme in Artificial Intelligence with the Master’s degree programme in Artificial Intelligence; and so on.

  • Information about which non-selective Master’s degree programmes dovetail with your Bachelor’s degree can be found mainly on the Student Portal pages of your Bachelor’s degree programme. These pages require logging in. If you do not have an active UG account, or if you can’t find the information you need on the Student Portal, please contact the academic advisor of the Master’s degree programme in question. Alternatively, you can also visit the prospective students website of the Master’s degree programme that you are interested in.

  • The Admission's Board may sometimes decide that you first need to take a pre-master programme, if your bachelor's degree does not fully connect to a Master's degree programme.

Selective Msc. degree programmes

FSE will be offering seven selective MSc. degree programmes in the academic year 2022/23: Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biomolecular Sciences (formerly known as Molecular Biology & Biotechnology) , Chemistry, Ecology & Evolution, Marine Biology and Nanoscience. You will have to apply early in the year, by submitting a dossier that will be assessed by an Admissions Board.

  • Please visit the prospective students website for more information about selection procedures for our selective Master's degree programmes. If this information does not answer all your questions, please contact the academic advisor of the Master’s degree programme in question.

Start dates

Start dates for FSE MSc. programmes can be found below. Please be aware of our application deadlines for each start date.

  • For programmes offering more than one start date, we still highly recommend to start on 1 September if possible, because starting at a later time in the academic year will have negative consequences: you will miss introductory meetings, it will be more difficult to connect with your fellow students, you will constantly be either behind or ahead of the game, and so on. If you would still like to start your degree programme later than September 1, in spite of all these disadvantages, you should consult the academic advisor of the relevant MSc. degree programme well in advance. He/she can provide you with tips to limit the disadvantages and to help you draw up a good, realistic study plan. Please note that if the Admission's Board decides that you first have to follow a pre-master's programme before starting the master programme, in most cases you can only start the pre-master's programme in September.

  • Note that a monthly registration is sometimes also possible, only for BSc. FSE-students who will continue in a directly connecting non-selective FSE MSc. degree programme. More information is available on the internal Student Portal.

Master programme

Selective Sep Feb
MSc. Artificial Intelligence No V
MSc. Applied Mathematics No V V
MSc. Applied Physics No V V
MSc. Astronomy No V V
MSc. Behavioural & Cognitive Neurosciences Yes V
MSc. Biology No V
MSc. Biomedical Engineering No V
MSc. Biomedical Sciences Yes V
MSc. Biomolecular Sciences Yes V
MSc. Chemical Engineering No V V
MSc. Chemistry Yes V
MSc. Computing Science No V V
MSc. Ecology & Evolution Yes V
MSc. Energy & Environmental Sciences No V
MSc. Farmacie No V V
MSc. Computational Cognitive Science No V
MSc. Industrial Engineering & Management No V
MSc. Marine Biology Yes V
MSc. Mathematics No V V
MSc. Mechanical Engineering No V
MSc. Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences No V V
MSc. Nanoscience Yes V
MSc. Physics No V V
MSc. Science Education & Communication No V V

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