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Registration for a master's degree programme

Dear student,

Students who wish to register for a master's degree programme and start 1 September 2019 are required to register not only for a master programme, but also for a track within the master programme. After the choice of a track is made, this registration procedure can be followed.

Please find an overview of all the tracks here. Some of the master programmes do not have tracks. In that case, a registration for the degree programme will do. The academic advisor of the master programme can be consulted for advice.

Overview of tracks 2019/2020 for the MSc programmes of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Master’s degree programmes FSE


Applied Mathematics

·       Systems and Control

·       Computational Mathematics

Applied Physics

No tracks

Artificial Intelligence

No tracks


·       Quantum Universe

·       Astronomy: Science, Business and Policy

Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences [involves 3 faculties FMNS, FBSS and FMS]

·       Animal and Human Behavioural Neurosciences (B- track)

·       Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Modelling (C- track)

·       Molecular and Clinical Neurosciences (N-track)


·       Research

·       Science, Business and Policy

Biomedical Engineering

·       Biomaterials Science and Engineering

·       Diagnostic Imaging an Instrumentation

·       Medical Device Design

Biomolecular Sciences

No tracks

Biomedical Sciences

·       Biology of Ageing

·       Biology of Cancer and Immune System

·       Research

·       Science, Business and Policy

·       Biology of Food and Nutrition

·       Neuroscience

Chemical Engineering

No tracks

Computational Cognitive Science (formerly Human-Machine Communication)

No tracks

Computing Science

·       Data Science and Systems Complexity

·       Intelligent Systems and Visual Computing

·       Science, Business and Policy

·       Software Engineering and Distributed Systems

Ecology and Evolution

·       Ecology and Conservation

·       Evolutionary Biology

Energy and Environmental Sciences

No tracks

Industrial Engineering and Management

·       Product and Process Technology

·       Production Technology and Logistics

Leraar VHO in de Betawetenschappen

·       Biologie

·       Informatica

·       Natuurkunde

·       Scheikunde

·       Wiskunde

Marine Biology

·       Marine Biology: Research

·       Science, Business and Policy


·       Mathematic and Complex Dynamical Systems

·       Science, Business and Policy

·       Statistics and Big Data

Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

·       Research

·       Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering

·       Pharmaco-epidemiology

·       Science, Business and Policy

·       Toxicology and Drug Disposition

Mechanical Engineering

·       Advanced Instrumentations

·       Smart Factories


No tracks


No tracks


·       Advanced Materials

·       Quantum Universe

·       Science, Business and Policy

Science Education and Communication

·       Educatie: Biologie

·       Educatie: Informatica

·       Educatie: Natuurkunde

·       Educatie: Scheikunde

·       Educatie: Wiskunde

·       Communication

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