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Big Data Knowledge Cafe

When:Th 25-09-2014 17:00 - 18:30
Where:Infoversum fulldome theater, Groningen

Dear colleagues and friends,
Studium Generale, in collaboration with Target and the Infoversum, will hold their next Knowledge Cafe on the largely popular, but still vaguely understood topic of Big Data. Big Data has been dubbed "the new oil", compared to "teenage sex" and  equated to "big insight".  But beyond the world of buzzwords and creative metaphors, what is the promise of Big Data for science, technology, business and governance. We invite all of you on Thursday, September 25 at 17:00 at the Infoversum to join in the discussion with a panel of three experts, each bringing a different perspective and message. Admission is free and the language is Dutch. For more information, click here.

Target Communications

Panel Members
Edwin Valentijn, Astronomer at Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
Rick Koopman, Deep Computing Specialist at IBM Netherlands
Chris Broekema, Researcher High-Performance Computing at ASTRON