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Tenure Track

The Rosalind Franklin fellowships in general follow the tenure track career path for scientists in the Faculty of Spatial Sciences.  

Subject to a favorable evaluation after a maximum of five years, the fellow will be awarded tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor. After a period of four to maximum seven years another evaluation will take place and if this proves favorable, promotion to Full Professor will follow.
For non-Dutch applicants there is a favorable (30%) Tax regime applicable.

The fellow will be granted a phd-student to supervise and  other research facilities are available.

The RUG offers attractive schemes for pension, health insurance and child care. There are job support facilities to help partners of new staff moving to the northern Netherlands.

Please, note: candidates employed by the University of Groningen are eligible for a Rosalind Franklin fellowship, only if appointed in temporary, non-tenure track positions and if they have had at least two years of employment outside that Faculty and only if they meet our requirements stated above.

For more information on the terms of employment, please contact mrs. A.R. Groeneveld – Jousma, HR-advisor of the faculty;

Additional information about the fellowship can be obtained from prof. Jouke van Dijk, professor in Regional Labour Market Analysis, and/or prof. Frank VanClay, professor in Cultural Geography.

Additional information about the tenure-track policy at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences:

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