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Current Rosalind Franklin Fellows

dr. Constanza Parra
dr. Constanza Parra

Dr. Constanza Parra

Dr. Constanza Parra is a social scientist with interdisciplinary interests in the ways societies relate to the natural environment and deal with contemporary sustainability challenges. She works at the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, where her research focuses on social sustainability, nature-culture nexus, multi-level governance of social-ecological systems and protected areas.

After obtaining a degree in sociology at the Universidad Católica de Chile, she received her PhD in Economics from the Université de Lille 1 working on ecotourism, sustainability and multi-level governance in France. Between 2010 and 2011, she was an AFR/Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at the University of Luxembourg.

Currently, she is working on the book manuscript “Protected Areas and Ecotourism: Social sustainability and governance in Europe and the Americas”. This book is a claim to resocialise the sustainable development approach by critically assessing the social dynamics and practices of the governance of protected areas and the threats, potentials and challenges that come with it.

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