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Requirements and applications

The Rosalind Franklin Fellows will work in the area of their choice and pursue their research at one of the departments of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences.

The successful candidate is expected to build a research programme in the area of geography of leisure and tourism. Any topic within this broad space will be considered. The Faculty of Spatial Sciences has an overarching research theme of ‘Wellbeing, Innovation and Spatial Transformation’. Applicants should demonstrate how their research in the area of tourism and/or leisure connects to this theme. The
two departments of Economic and Cultural Geography, which work closely together, are especially interested in the role of tourism and/or leisure in regional development, regional identity and place branding/marketing of tourism destinations, and the contribution of leisure to wellbeing. Nevertheless, the fellowship is open to all topics within the broad field of geography of leisure and tourism, and the
strongest applicant will be offered the appointment irrespective of the precise topic of interest in that field.

Applicants preferably have:

  • a PhD degree
  • exemplary research record demonstrated by publications in international top journals and/or in peer reviewed books
  • proof of independence and international recognition
  • experience in various working environments, preferably in different countries
  • succeeded in acquiring external funding for research projects
  • teaching experience, or proven inclination for teaching demonstrated by tutoring/mentoring individuals or small groups
  • demonstrable organizational qualities and communication skills
  • a well-founded and motivated application with an innovative research plan for the first five years and a challenging outlook for the future which takes into account the international research landscape in their field of specialization.


As an applicant, you are requested to submit (in PDF):

  1. your curriculum vitae, including a complete list of publications
  2. three self-selected best papers
  3. your CV (or cover letter if provided) should clearly indicate up to five keywords describing your research area
  4. a three-to-five page statement of your research accomplishments (1-2 pages) and
    your future research goals (2 to 3 pages). This should demonstrate a connection to the Faculty research theme: wellbeing, innovation and spatial transformation.
  5. a letter of motivation
  6. the names, addresses and email addresses of three referees who can be contacted for a letter of recommendation.

Applications should be sent to:

Only by e-mail, always refer to RFF/FRW

University of Groningen

HR Department

The Netherlands

Application deadline: December 1st, 2012

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