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8th International Workshop on Planning and Evaluation 12-15 March 2013

In the period between 12-15 March 2013, prof. Johan Woltjer will be hosting the 8th International Workshop on Planning and Evaluation. About 35 participants from a variety of mainly European countries will be discussing issues on Evaluation in Integrated Land-Use Management, and also looking at possibilities for an area-oriented and place-based evaluation for infrastructure and spatial projects.

The workshop has a fundamental agenda to identify scholarly insight and innovations, and link them to implications for planning and development practice, particularly infrastructure development. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (The Hague) is involved substantively, and as the main funding provider.

Organising team: Prof. Johan Woltjer, Mustafa Hasanov, Aryani Chandramidi (

Workshop Theme

In recent years there have been some major changes in the position of planning projects, and infrastructure development like roads, rail and waterways in particular. The emphasis is increasingly on the local or regional integration of those projects. Linkages between projects, but also their values and their ties with related issues like housing, industry, green, and water are more central. In other words, land-use planning and infrastructure management have become more area-oriented.

This workshop establishes a meeting place and extend networks for experts in the field of spatial planning, land-use and infrastructure management, and tackle an emerging agenda on place-based and integrated evaluation. The substantive outcome of the workshop will include suggestions for policy design and the way land-use and infrastructure policy choice should be usefully structured and evaluated nowadays. The workshop will clarify the nature and role of evaluation given current realities in planning and policy practice. The focus is also on new evaluation mechanisms to reveal value before (ex-ante), during (mid-term), and after (ex-post) plans or policy projects.

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