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Summer School Tanzania 2018

Offered by FEB Careers Company
Offered by FEB Careers Company

Ever travelled to new exciting destinations? Or worked with people from all over the world? This might be your chance! Sign up for FEB's Summer School Tanzania to research 'The curse of natural gas resources'. Tanzania has a promise of rich natural gas resources, however not yet exploited.

Details Summer School University of Groningen (UG) / Honours students
Period 1 - 8 July 2018

1 week research in Tanzania


€ 500
inclusive: housing (hotels) in Tanzania, meals, excursions


flight to Dar es Salaam and visa for Tanzania

More information
Application deadline 9 April 2018

A view on the city of Dar es Salaam
A view on the city of Dar es Salaam

Energy in transition and  local perspective

Energy is vital to every society and moreover, importantly we see in the world significant changes in the use of energy. As the opening sentence on the Energy Academy Europe website states: ' Energy Academy Europe brings together relevant activities, partners and networks to work on the energy transition'. This indicates an active attitude towards energy transition.

In the South-East part of Tanzania enormous gas resources have been located. This opens up questions, such as,

  • Will this be extracted from the (deep) sea?
  • Under which conditions will this occur and where will the revenues be directed?
  • How can local communities and local governmental agencies profit from these resources?
  • How can Tanzania overcome the 'curse' of an abundance of natural resources?
  • How can local communities in Tanzania, for example Lindi, contribute to overcoming this 'curse'?
  • What kind of transition will take place?
  • What kind of options can be created?

The issues of energy transition and the local perspectives will be explored by FEB/Honours, Tanzanian students.

Students will conduct a short research in small research groups. The research contributes to the model of the value chain of energy based on gas and oil with a focus on the role of the industry, government and local communities. In small groups the students have to work out different aspects of the value chain and focus on the business and social developments. This means that they have to interview several experts in the field and have to go the region as well.


  • Lectures by international staff and relevant speakers out of the world of Energy (At IFM in Dar es Salaam)
    • The Tanzanian gas recourses: recent developments
    • The global value chain and the Tanzanian situation
    • The international context of energy (based on gas)
    • Comparing the situation of Tanzania gas resources with other producing countries (Norway and the Netherlands as well as new producer countries)
    • The energy value chain in Tanzania. The three main actors: government, industry and local communities
    • Oil
    • The governance and risk issues in the extractive industry in Tanzania
  • Field visit to the Lindi in Tanzania: what does the meaning of development in a local situation

The Tanzanian week will be concluded with a visit to the Mkimu wild park.

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