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Welfred Cheng

MSc Marketing, Hong Kong
Welfred Cheng

My name in Welfred. I am from Hong Kong. I finished the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing programme at City University of Hong Kong. And now I am completing the Master of Science in Marketing programme in Groningen. I am so blessed I have been raised in a trilingual environment, which lets me speak 3 languages in a native level.

Groningen is actually a lot different from Hong Kong to a metropolitan. No skyscrapers, no underground, no massive traffic, no footbridges that connect every building, no rush hours that you need to squeeze into a train or wait for 5 more trains until you can get on; instead, biking is the major means of commuting where in Hong Kong it is only a weekend hobby, people emphasis on work life balance where in Hong Kong getting off at 1 am is never uncommon, shops close rather early where in Hong Kong there is always something open, no matter what.

I like travelling. I have been to most of the countries in Asia and Europe. I am also a violin teacher. I used to be in an orchestra back in secondary school and university. When I am in leisure I would love to play some pieces when there is one.

I like being a Student Ambassador because I like to bridge prospective and current students from different parts of the world to the University of Groningen. I believe my both western and eastern background would help me do just it.

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