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Jolanda Hotting

BSc International Business, Germany
Jolanda Hotting

My name is Jolanda Hotting, I´m 22 years old and a second year BSc International Business Student. Next to my regular BSc study, I´m also doing the Honours College, an extra program with 45 ECTS extra in broadening and deepening courses. These courses are given from either my own faculty, or from other faculties. I really enjoy this combination as it is challenging me to look critically at things from different perspectives. Last semester for instance I took the course 'A comprehensive understanding of stem cells' and this semester I have 'Addiction and addictive behavior' and 'Debating'.

Originally I´m from Germany but I decided to come to the Netherlands and found a study program that suits my wishes at the University of Groningen. International Business is really broad and will give you insights into various fields of business and cross-cultural matters. What I really like is the international focus, which is embedded in every course and the fact that in my fifth semester I will spend half a year abroad in Chile.

I love living in Groningen. It is small enough so that you can use your bike to go everywhere, yet there are lots of things to do. The city looks typically Dutch with its canals, small houses, farmers markets and narrow streets. In my free time I spend time with my travel committee from the Honours College Social Association. I also enjoy going to the city center to meet friends for a coffee, go shopping or go longboarding. If the weather is nice, I love going to the Noorderplantsoen, a nice park close to my house. Overall, the atmosphere in the whole town is great, you hear so many people speaking English, Dutch or foreign languages if you stroll through the streets.

As a student ambassador of the Faculty of Economics and Business, my job involves giving campus tours to prospective students and providing information about what it is like to study and live in Groningen. I truly love giving campus tours, as I already met so many nice people from all over the world. If you have time I would really like to encourage you to come to Groningen, for example to one of our open days and check out for yourself if you can see yourself living here.

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