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Change | Inaugural lecture by Nancy Kamp-Roelands on 22 January

21 January 2019
Nancy Kamp-Roelands

Our external environment is changing fast with huge environmental, social, economic and technological challenges. Also the role of business in society is changing. Achieving long term value creation to multiple stakeholders with a more purpose driven business model increasingly gains ground. Our current financial reporting focuses on reporting the position and performance of an organization. However, is this sufficient in times of disruptive change? In the view of Professor Nancy Kamp-Roelands it isn’t.

There is also a need for information to understand the extent to which an organization is agile enough to understand the changes and respond to them timely, integer and sufficient. This requires information on the context in which an organization operates, the business model, the process of change and innovation and how this is governed. Since an organization is not only dependent on financial capital it also includes other types of capitals or resources such as employees, natural resources, buildings and infrastructure, intellectual capital and relationships with stakeholders.

The information is not only important to provide accountability, but also to build trust in the journey of change an organization is going through.

Assurance on non-financial information

There is an increased appetite from investors for this type of information as it becomes more visible that financial performs interconnect with non-financial performance. The demand for financial audit is supplemented by assurance on non-financial information.

Currently education and research are not moving in the same speed as practice. Kamp-Roelands sees it as the mission of her chair to improve the knowledge and insight in non-financial information, integrated reporting and assurance to facilitate informed decision-making that contributes to a sustainable organization that is capable of maintaining and creating value to multiple stakeholders.

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