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Over onsFEBThe 2015 Meeting of the European Public Choice Society


If you are coming in from Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands you can consider coming by train. The German Railways ( provide excellent coverage of your options and the ability to procure tickets online. If you book ahead, the train ride can be very affordable. Similarly, the Belgian ( and Dutch ( railways provide coverage of your options, although pricing is flat.

If you are coming in from elsewhere, your best option is to come in by airplane and fly either to Schiphol, Bremen or even the hamlet airport in Groningen. While Schiphol and Bremen are well connected, Groningen airport only carries flights to selected destinations. From Schiphol there is a direct connection by intercity to Groningen. From Bremen there is a train From Groningen there is a bus.

Last modified:14 November 2018 2.21 p.m.