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The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) offers a broad portfolio of bachelor’s, master’s, post-master’s and doctoral programmes that attract high calibre national and international students and are receiving top ratings in both national and international student surveys. Almost all programmes are offered fully in English. Students are academically trained to identify problems, analyse data, critically assess existing theories, and develop solutions – fully participating in FEB’s research culture. Faculty are supported in the development and delivery of education by a well-established support staff department and clear allocation of hours and means for teaching. A robust cyclic quality assurance monitoring process is measuring programme quality and student success, driving continuous improvement. We encourages faculty to bring experiences from their research and corporate activities into their classrooms to enhance student’s learning experiences.

Research-driven education

One of the key elements of FEB’s mission is to provide research-driven education at all levels of degree programmes, meaning that both staff and students are actively involved in knowledge development, in addition to disseminating and applying knowledge. This prepares students for questions of the world of tomorrow, as they acquire knowledge and develop research skills that help them to analyse, understand, and act upon the complex challenges that the field of business and economics faces.

Research-driven education guidelines

To implement our educational philosophy in all our teaching, we identified ten guiding principles for research-driven education (inspired by proven practice from the University of Melbourne and Griffith University, Queensland) that have been used during the design of our portfolio of degree programmes:

  • Infuse teaching with the values of underlying research.
  • Involve current research in teaching.
  • Integrate current business and economics problems into teaching.
  • Place recent research into a historical framework.
  • Incorporate small-scale research activities in undergraduate assignments.
  • Involve students in research and let them participate in our research culture.
  • Teach students to learn.
  • Make students active participants in the teaching and research processes.
  • Teach research methods, techniques and skills explicitly within subjects.
  • The curriculum must be a coherent entity, in which each course is logically placed in a year, and is also related to the other courses in that year.

Our programmes

Our 4 three-year Bachelor of Science degree programmes cover all major fields of business and economics and provide a broad basis for further specialisation in a master programme. We offer 13 specialized one-year Master of Science degree programmes that are directly connected to our research programmes, which ensures high-quality state-of-the-art training by internationally renowned staff. The two-year Research Master’s programme is part of our Graduate School and prepares students for a PhD trajectory. FEB’s doctoral (PhD) programme offers intensive three- or four-year individual trajectories during which students work on their dissertations under supervision of at least one experienced research fellow. We also offer 2 postgraduate, part-time post experience master’s programmes, in Finance & Control and in Accountancy. In addition to these degree programmes, we offer a non-degree executive programmes through the University of Groningen Business School.

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