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Cum laude students

Since the start of the department of Innovation Management & Strategy in 2007 the following students have received a cum laude grade for their Master of Science in Business Administration thesis:

  • Erik Kruijer
    Customer Integration: From Mass Customization to Open Innovation
  • Wieger van der Meulen
    Casual games: time to get serious. A study into strategic alliances in the Dutch casual gaming industry
  • Joost Rietveld
    Profiting From Digitally Distributed Cultural Products: The Case of the Video Games Industry
  • Arjen Riezebosch
    Value creation with online communities: Selection systems in Wikipedia
  • Aljo Solle
    Safety and organizational commitment of bus drivers
  • Leonie Tichelaar
    Can Elephants Dance?" The relationship between organizational size and age, structural inertia and product innovation in the Dutch pharmaceutical industry
  • Thom de Vries
    The influence of temporary workers on organizational innovativeness
  • Paul Werker
    Implementation of a New Reserves Management System: An analysis using the equity implementation mode

Other publications:

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