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Klaas Knot - President of De Nederlandsche Bank
Klaas Knot - President of De Nederlandsche Bank: "The knowledge and skills I've gained at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Groningen are still of high value in my daily work."
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Maaike Grevingga - Freshman of the year 2013
Maaike Grevinga - Freshman of the Year 2013:
"FEB is an inspiring knowledge community where I can develop my talent and ambition and where I am challenged to reach the top"
Full testimonial of Maaike Grevinga

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) offers an inspiring international academic community for students, staff, alumni and external organizations.

We are renowned for:

  • Our quality: Quality is our leading principle, as proven by our national and international accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, NVAO). Our educational programmes, academic staff and research score highly on major global rankings. We strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence in our teaching, research and outreach activities.
  • Our ambition: We challenge all staff, students and alumni to flourish in Adding Personal Value. Therefore we stimulate every member of our academic community to develop their personal skills and fulfil their ambitions. They do so by participating in top-quality education and research and by making lifelong contributions to science and society.
  • Our identity: We are best described as being open, personal, ambitious and down to earth.

Open - We learn and work in an easily accessible academic community with our internal and external stakeholders. We believe that by cooperating in a transparent way and offering constructive criticism we can make a difference to the communities in which we operate.


Personal - We debate and cooperate closely with each other as co-producers in a way that is inclusive and individual. We value a personal touch that is built on mutual respect and social responsibility.


Ambitious - We foster excellence in all areas of activity and stimulate our staff, students and alumni to aim high and strive for the best. This is reflected in the fact that we rank among the top 5 % of Business Schools worldwide.

Down to Earth

Down to earth - We combine friendly accessibility with sound practicality.

The corporate world recognises these characteristics in our graduates:

"They excel in the fields of economics and business, using a wide range of personal skills to deal with the dynamic and global world we live in. Your graduates are very strong team workers, highly motivated, good leaders, flexible and stress proof. Their allround profile - excelling in their field coupled with great personal skills - makes them successful future leaders and researchers in today's global world." (Trendence Research Report 2013).

Are you inspired to join our academic community and to flourish in Adding Personal Value?

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