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Staff Activities

  *Congratulations to Robbert Maselund!!! He has received a Gratema Science Award.  It is awarded for outstanding and promising research. You can learn more about this achievement at


*Suzanne Kok, MSc, is currently involved in Chance2Study. This organization  is a young Dutch, non-profit organization aimed at improving the future perspectives of children and young adults in Cambodia. Cambodia is one of the least developed countries in the world. Education is too expensive for most Cambodians, which hinders development. Chance2Study directly finances the education of underprivileged but very motivated children and young adults in Cambodia. With this education, their future perspectives increase and they have the chance to develop themselves. For further information, please contact Suzanne at if you are interested in donating to her cause.


*Congratulations go out to Robbert Maseland and Bas Straathof for being in the top 5 of most valued courses!


*Congratulations go out to Jakob Bosma, Bas Straathof, Sorin Krammer, and Luchien Karsten for being in the top 5 of the most valued lecturers!


 *GEM welcomes a few new staff members. Drs. Marjoleine Schoevers is the owner of Onder de appelboom, a privatly held small business company in the consultancy and training area and a member of the city council of Borger-Odoorn. Marjoleine and Drs. Gernie Luttikhuis will be working with the Skills department of GEM.


*Steven Brakman has published a new book.

 The Gravity Model in International Trade

How do borders affect trade? Are cultural and institutional differences important for trade? Is environmental policy relevant to trade? How does one's income or wage relate to the fact that trade partners are nearby or far away? These are just some of the important questions that can be answered using the gravity model of international trade. This model predicts and explains bilateral trade flows in terms of the economic size and distance between trading partners (e.g. states, regions, countries, trading blocs). In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in this model and it is now one of the most widely applied tools in applied international economics. This book traces the history of the gravity model and takes stock of recent methodological and theoretical advances, including new approximations for multilateral trade resistance, insightful analyses of the measurement of economic distance and analyses of foreign direct investment.

Cambridge University Press, 2010.


GEM also welcomes new PhD candidates including Marjolein Onrust, Catherine Cai, Quanrun Chen, Wen Chen, Zhongbo Jing, Yan Xu, and Yanping Zhao.


*Luchien Karsten's new book "Globalization and Time" will be available in 2012.

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