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There are many facets to the Economics programme. Once you've mastered economic theory, you can answer questions like What is efficient? How can you ensure that everything functions as well as possible? or Can it be done better? It’s not just about theory, economists must also be able to apply the theory.

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Mathematical models of practical problems are at the heart of Econometrics. Economics questions don’t usually have a straightforward answer but by formulating the question in a model you will try to find an answer that can be defended. Researchers have to be able to think logically and analytically. It also helps if you like solving complex problems and puzzles.

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In Finance we study the behaviour of investors and firms in relation to financial markets. Major questions are: how to assess and price risk, how to finance the firm, and how to invest as a private investor or as a firm. Within such a framework issues like responsible finance and investment, corporate governance, corporate valuation and restructuring, derivative evaluation, portfolio management and microfinance come to the fore.

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