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Faculty Board: "Please participate in the National Student Survey, your opinion matters!"

01 maart 2017
National Student Survey (NSE) 2017
National Student Survey (NSE) 2017

Dear students of the Faculty Economics and Business,

The National Student Survey (NSE) has started! Via the NSE all students in the Netherlands are invited to make their voice heard on their degree programme. All university students in the Netherlands have received the NSE survey invitation via email (and there will be reminders).

Missed it? No problem: you can easily retrieve it via the NSE website:

Why is it important to participate?

  • I mprovements for you as FEB student

Your assessment provides the Faculty with insight into which aspects of your degree programme you are happy with, and which you are not. We then use these results to make improvements. For example, results from past years have led us to expand FEB Career Services and organise more careers activities like business challenges and consultancy courses . They also led us to expand the study abroad opportunities and modernizing our buildings. So your opinion makes a difference!

  • Rankings in Elsevier and Studiekeuze123

The NSE results are also used to compare the various economic and business programmes in the Netherlands and to rank them. For instance, Elsevier Magazine in its annual publications uses the NSE database and the NSE results are published in the student assessments on the Studiekeuze 123 website. Ranking lists and comparisons are used by prospective students to choose which degree programme best suits them and where they want to study. See the latest results of Elsevier. FEB uses these results to maintain the high-quality of our degree programmes.

If you complete the questionnaire you are also eligible to win one of these great prizes:

  • Travel voucher (value €2,000, redeemable at KILROY)
  • €400 in cash towards your rent, books, tuition... or whatever you want! (10 available)
  • voucher (265 available, value €20)
  • Four traveler's cheques, worth €250 each and redeemable by KILROY (extra for University of Groningen students)
  • Ten iShop vouchers (extra for University of Groningen students)

Who and what is NSE?

Via the National Student Survey (NSE) all students in the Netherlands (approx. 700,000) are invited to give their opinion on their degree programme. The survey is commissioned by the Studiekeuze123 Foundation, an initiative of organizations including the association of all Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), the HBO-raad, and the student organizations LSVb and ISO. On a national level, the results of the NSE survey are used in information provided by Studiekeuze123, Elsevier and the Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs.

Thanks a lot for your input! You can fill in the survey until March the 12th.

Curious about the NSE results for last year? Check the National Student Survey RUG 2016 factsheet .

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