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Opening Academic Year | Thu. 8 September 2016

FEB students, staff, alumni and corporate organisations celebrate the opening of the FEB academic year 2016-2017
Thursday 8 September 2016, 4.00 pm
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Lectures & Debate: New perspectives on health and value-based healthcare | Award ceremonies | Drinks & live music

Date: Thursday 8 September 2016, 4.00 - 5.30pm (welcome as of 3.30pm)
Location: Room 15 Kapteynborg, 5419.0015 (Landleven 12, Zernike Campus, Groningen). (Location in Google Maps)
Theme: New perspectives on Health and Value-based Healthcare
Chairman of the day: Kees Ahaus, professor of Healthcare Management at FEB

We welcome speakers on a current topic - healthcare-, we present awards to best students and lecturers, and we raise a glass to the new academic year!

New perspectives on health and value-based healthcare

Our definition of “health” is changing, not in t he least due to the pioneering work of Machteld Huber, chosen as the Most Influential Person Public Health 2015. According to Huber ‘being healthy’ is a dynamic label that also fits, for instance, the chronically sick, who know how to adapt and who have taken control of their situation.

A second highly topical theme in healthcare is the weighing of costs of a treatment, medicine and aids on the one hand and the value for the patient on the other hand: value based healthcare. Vice president of the board of the UMCG and gynaecological oncologist Prof. Ate van der Zee and medical oncologist Prof. Liesbeth de Vries of the UMCG discuss the factors that must be considered.

A special ‘guest’ is Zora, the care robot who is increasingly used as an assistant for carers. Is Zora soon to be part of everyday life to keep the costs of providing care affordable and to enable people to remain independent?


- Machteld Huber, Institute of Positive Health, @MachteldHuber

Machteld Huber was originally GP. After her own experience with illness, early in her career, she discovered that her experience as a patient stretched far beyond what she was ever taught as a physician. She developed a new dynamic concept of health: health as the ability to adapt and to self-manage, in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges.’ and investigated the support for this within the ​healthcare sector and society.

There is a big difference in thinking about 'health' between patients and their therapists, among others. She called the broad vision of patients, with six dimensions of health, "Positive health”. In 2014 she was awarded a PhD for her work in Maastricht.
In 2015 Machteld Huber founded the Institute for Positive Health. She was chosen as the Most Influential Person Public Health 2015.

► Interview Machteld Huber. "I expect that the new definition of health will bring the cost of healthcare down"
Van der Zee
- Ate van der Zee, Professor of Gynaecological Oncology and Vice President Board of Directors University Medical Center Groningen

Prof. Ate van der Zee joined the Board of Directors of the University Medical Center Groningen in January 2013. He combines his management position with clinical research, performing surgery in Gynaecological Oncology, seeing patients during consulting hours, academic research and mentoring PhD students.

Van der Zee serves and has served on various national and international advisory and programme committees (eg. Dutch Cancer Society, NCRN UK, IGCS, ESGO, etc.) and he is senior editor of the International Journal of Gynaecological Cancer.
He initiated and established a managed clinical network for ovarian cancer for all hospitals in the North-East of the Netherlands (catchment area 3.5 million people), in which gynaecologists and medical oncologists collaborate to improve the care for ovarian cancer patients and which forms a unique platform for translational research. Van der Zee has created a long and productive translational research line on prognostic and predictive factors in gynecologic cancer. He is leading a world-wide consortium which performs landmark clinical studies in vulvar cancer.

De Vries
- Liesbeth de Vries professor of Medical Oncology at the University Medical Center Groningen

Prof. Liesbeth de Vries is medical oncologist and she is involved in patient care, teaching, and research. Her research lines are aimed at increasing the sensitivity of tumors to anticancer drugs, and she uses imaging techniques to support this.

Apart from laboratory studies, she performs and coordinates studies on the effects of new drugs. She has received numerous grants, including grants from the Dutch Cancer Society and EU. She has supervised over 100 PhD students and published over 760 PubMed listed papers. In 2002, she was appointed as a member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). De Vries received the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) award in 2009 and she is Fellow of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences and member of the Governing Body European Academy of Cancer Sciences since 2010. She was awarded a Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences professorship in 2011 and chairs the ESMO-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale working group.

► Interview Van der Zee and De vries: "Financial considerations should not be part of the discussion between patients and their treating physicians"
- Kees Ahaus , professor of Healthcare Management at FEB, director of Healthwise

Professor Kees Ahaus is director of the Healthwise Centre of Expertise at the Faculty of Economics and Business. Healthwise links academic expertise to questions from the field by arranging multidisciplinary research to support the healthcare sector.

- Zora, care robot

Zora is the first 'humanoid' robot in the world that is applied directly to people. It is a 57 centimeter high programmable robot that has all kinds of sensors. Zora serves as help for the elderly, for young children with autism and in various hospitals.

Zora in the media

15.30 Welcome with coffee and tea Kapteynborg, 5419.0015
16.00 - Opening by prof. Kees Ahaus, director of Healthwise, Centre of Expertise at the Faculty of Economics and Business.
- Welcome by FEB dean prof. Herman de Jong and EBF chairman Leo Wijnstra
16.10 EBF Guest Lecture Machteld Huber
16.30 Presentation of awards by vice dean prof. Albert Boonstra and Quest boardmembers
► FEB Newcomer of the Year
► FEB Freshman of the Year
► FEB Lecturer of the Year
► Nominees MSc Thesis Prize
16.50 EBF Guest Lecture prof. Ate van der Zee and prof. Liesbeth de Vries
17.10 Debate with guest lecturers

Drinks, snacks and live music

Duisenberg Plaza, 5411
We are looking forward to meeting you!
Contact person: Nienke Bastiaans,, +31 50 363 3741
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