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GDBC event on AI and human discomfort | Report

29 October 2019
04 November 2019
AI and human discomfort

Artificial intelligence and human discomfort – this was the theme of last week’s knowledge exchange and networking event organized by het Groningen Digital Business Centre . Although many are thrilled about the so-called ‘digital butler’, software that helps us before we even know that we need help, artificial intelligence (AI) also evokes feelings of discomfort.

The keynote speaker was ‘trend-watcher’ Jarno Duursma . During his lecture, he zoomed in on these discomforts. Duursma started off by answering the two most frequently asked questions about AI: ‘Are robots going to take our jobs?’ and ‘Will robots ever have a conscience?’. Duursma answered both questions with a resounding ‘no’.

So why is it that these digital developments still make us feel uncomfortable? Duursma explains that, among other things, this is caused by a phenomenon called ‘uncanny valley’: an unsettling feeling that people experience when humanoid robots closely resemble humans.

The event concluded with a panel discussion between Duursma, FEB alumnus and digital consultant Frido van Driem, tech entrepreneur Domenique van der Niet and Professor Jenny van Doorn , who answered questions from the audience. An interactive discussion arose on the theme of morality, common sense and the ethical limits of AI.

Read the whole report here >>

If you have any questions, please contact Bas Baalmans via gdbc of 06 22 49 43 53.
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