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Floor Rink in Harvard Business Review: The biases that punish racially diverse teams

24 February 2016
Harvard Business Review

Prof. dr. Floor Rink of the department of HRM&OB of our Faculty featured in the Harvard Business Review this week:


The biases that Punish Racially Diverse Teams
By Katherine W. Phillips, Robert B. Lount, Jr., Oliver Sheldon, and Floor Rink


Diversity in teams seem to benefit performance. In reality, however, these benefits do not always occur. Rink and her colleagues conducted a series of experiments to investigate if performance is undermined by bias concerning diverse groups. In these experiments, participants assessed the level of conflict in groups that were not diverse and groups that were very diverse. The researchers found that diverse groups were perceived as having more conflict on a relational level compared to non-diverse groups, even though the content of the interactions were the same.

Organization Science

Some of the studies presented in the article in the Harvard Business Review are also published in Lount, Sheldon, Rink and Phillips in the journal ‘Organization Science’: Biased perceptions of racially diverse teams and their consequences for resource support.

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